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Welcome to Gniezno
Spis treci
Welcome to Gniezno
Tourism, recreation and culture
An investor-friendly town
International collaboration

An investor-friendly town
inwest1m.jpg     Gniezno represents a town which offers free areas for housing, industrial and service investments, adapting the local potential to the expectations of investors. At every stage linked with a planned investment we offer reliable and specialized information as well as help in arranging all formalities linked to the project.
    In 2001 Gniezno was included in the list of 18 towns which are considered as the most attractive for investors. In the studies conducted by the Institute of Market Economy 70 indices, grouped into nine "factors of investment attractiveness" were taken into account, including absorptive power of the local market, quality of the labour market, social climate, technical infrastructure and communication accessibility.
    Among almost 10 thousand businesses which have develop in Gniezno, 538 are engaged in production, 1003 in industrial services, 1424 in construction, 732 in transportation, 2203 in stationary trade, 202 in  stationary/mobile trade, 808 in mobile trade, 339 in the catering business, 220 in the remaining material services, 2297 in non-material services, 20 in recycling of raw materials. The friendly investment climate has already been noted by a few international companies, which have made the first inwest2m.jpgcapital of Poland their base.
    The new investments are located in the regions planned for industrial functions. At the moment, around 100 hectars are available for investment in construction, industry and services, most of which are situated in the southern part of the town.
In the area of Gniezno communal enterprises operate, supplying the market with basic products and services for the inhabitants, such as water, electric power, administration of apartments, garbage removal, sewage, road repair and management, local communication and transportation systems.
    In the entire Gniezno region the level of unemployment amounts to 15.5 %, and the highest proportion of the unemployed individuals are in the productive age, ready to take on jobs at any time.
    In the search for investors, the town has advertised its investment offers by participating in economic fairs in the country and abroad. Moreover, current offers are introduced to Internet portals, formed for specific investors looking for the offers.

Principal data of the town
Number of inhabitants: 69 844 (as of 1 November, 2006).
Area: 40.9 km2

Economic triumphs of Gniezno:
An international road and railway junction
Close to a motorway (approx. 20 km)
Close to an airport (awica; approx. 60 km)
The academic centre: 4 university-level schools, including one of the engineering/technical profile
Presence of foreign companies of various types
A qualified labour force
Location in an ecologically clean and touristically attractive region
Lower cost of living as compared to larger centres
Well developed banking, service and trade sectors
A dense network of schools, hospitals, cinemas, theatre, sites of entertainment

On matters of investment, please contact:
Kinga Matuszak,
Municipal Centre of Innovation and Promotion, Municipal Office, ul. Lecha 6, 62-200 Gniezno, Poland
 + 48 61 426 04 13,

tel.: +48 61 426 04 34
Urzd Miejski
ul. Lecha 6, 62-200 Gniezno
tel.: +48 61 426 04 00